Smart Tek M13 Extra Tough Micro USB Cable

438.00 399.00

  • Extra tough polyethylene terephthalate cable skin ensures 10000 plus bend lifespan, stress and stretch resistance
  • The cable features our special toughest polyethylene braided jacket and this unique jacket provides greater protection than anything else you have seen in its class
  • The Micro USB cable is compatible with most Android smartphones, windows phone, tablets, PC peripherals, and other micro USB compatible devices

BIS approved


USB Certified Connector: Braided cable with USB C to USB A, Extra Tough, Extra Sleek: Braided with tough nylon material, our cables are durable and long-lasting and the 10.5mm aluminum casing is not only super sleek but also stylish ,Twice the length: Our long 3ft cable facilitates charging and using your devices simultaneously from the comfort of your bed, office or sofa, Reversible Connector Premium Aluminum housing and sturdy nylon fiber jacket adds the durability of the cable and reversible design of the USB C helps you insert the connector to your devices in the right way all the time, Anant Warranty: We took immense care and used advanced technology to build a worry-free product.


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